How To Apply For US Entry Waivers

Even if you have already qualified for US entry by gaining an entry visa, there are some circumstances where you can be deemed inadmissible. In some cases, you can still apply for an entry waiver to become admissible.  Who Needs to Apply for an Entry Waiver? A past criminal record, especially one with major crimes such as rape, murder, or manslaughter, will likely disqualify you from entry. If you have a communicable disease, you will also be deemed inadmissible to the United States. If you have these conditions, your entry visa will not be sufficient to gain access to the US.   Applying for an entry waiver is only a good idea if you already have US entry documents, such as a temporary entry visa. Canadian citizens can waive the need for these entry documents but should have a valid passport. You must also be coming into the country as a visitor, without intentions of staying permanently in the United States. How Do I Apply for the Waiver? In order to apply for an entry waiver, you can use Form I-192, which you can obtain by visiting a US Embassy in your country. You will need to present your identification, visa paperwork, and all of the documents that you originally used to support your candidacy for a US visa. You also need to show why you should be allowed...

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Power of the Purse

Boycotts were used long before the term was coined in the late 19th-century. The practice has evolved into a powerful economic tool of coercion.

Making Positive Changes

Economic boycotts have proven effective at forcing social change for the better when companies and countries step out of line.

Fighting Canadians

Canadians have long used economic boycotts to express their displeasure from their efforts to dismantle apartheid to protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.